Solution Development Services

“Partner with an organization that provides it support from the very beginning. We are on the ground floor of your efforts to implement your solutions across the enterprise.”

MirLogic Solutions Corporation delivers the support you need at every stage of the process. Our array of solution development services in Washington, DC, help clients at the highest levels of government and business get things done. From the initial strategic analysis to the design phase of the process, our team is there to ensure every challenge is addressed.

Our focus is on the entire life cycle of the solution. Instead of inserting ourselves into the process at the later stages, after the hard work has been accomplished, we work with you hand in hand from the beginning. The comprehensive approach we deliver makes us a stakeholder as well. We have an investment in your success, so we have an incentive to see the process all the way to the finish line.

Support from the Starting Gate

Developing an enterprise solution for a governmental organization or a major corporation isn’t something you should do on a piecemeal basis. The consultants that you use to build a solution need to see their idea through and provide you with the necessary support to implement any strategy.

Consistent IT Support

Rolling out a new process or a unique management structure requires certification training programs and a focus on technology. Our support services include:

  • Help Desk Support (Tier 1&2)
  • VTC Support
  • SharePoint Development and Management
  • Content Management Services
  • Network and Cloud Management (H/W, S/W)
  • \Software Programming (.NET, Visual Basic, Web Technologies, Mobile Platforms, Front-End Mac Graphics)
  • Database Development
  • Native Cloud-based Development Services
  • Data Visualization