MirLogic Solutions is dedicated working closely with our business partners to achieve our clients’ success. We uphold the highest level of ethics within the company, to our partners, communities, and competitors. The core concepts of this ethical practice include being trustworthy, respectful, fair, and responsible. Our partnerships with the following companies are opportunities for MirLogic to expand its reach and offer clients the services they need as cost-effectively and efficiently as possible.



Azimuth Corporation is a group of individuals and teams providing the highest quality of service and expertise. Our people allow us to offer innovative solutions that further “The Mission” and create lasting results. We have always had close ties to the military in the projects we execute and the people we hire, having a staff of over 25% military veterans.

We provide Programming and Policy Expertise, Security and Threat Analysis, and Operational, Program and Administrative Management Support to the National Security community. For the Air Force Research and Development (R&D) and Acquisition Communities, we provide Database and Modeling support and R&D and Lab support in the fields of Military Electronics, Optics, Sensors and Biotech.


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Mirrum LLC (Mirrum) is an SBA-approved Joint Venture (JV) 8a small business comprised of MirLogic Solutions Corporation and Azimuth Corporation. Mirrum has the benefit of two small companies that, working as one, bring more than 30 years of multidisciplinary IT experience, technical and managerial expertise, and genuine leadership to each project. Mirrum is headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia and Dayton, Ohio.

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